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Ian Skelton
18 November 2014, 4:02 PM

Agreed that this is an essential part of making Tauranga attractive for working and living. Well done to you and Jo for conceiving and drafting the document.


Few thoughts for you to consider:


There are a number of interested people who are trying to drive the digitalisation of the bay, Peter Wren-Hilton and Steve Saunders spring to mind. We need to understand how they fit in the process so we can be complementary. I think it is important that the Chamber has a role in shaping the strategy and the implementation of the plan.


Part of the solution in my opinion is to identify all existing interested parties and understand how the pieces fit together and what gaps exist. Knowing the gaps can then drive the role and responsibility of the Council champion for example.


Also you’ll be aware of the Innovation Awards through the 2014 Innovation Forum. This may be an existing vehicle that the digital innovation can piggyback as an option to a standalone event.


Hope that helps.

Dave Burnett - CEO, Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
21 November 2014, 12:18 PM

This is a great discussion document on Council embracing digital technology and will get some good discussion going.

Tauranga City Council could be at the leading edge of digital technology.  If this was embraced Council would see huge gains in productivity and rate payers would see and benefit by massive gains in customer service and outcomes.  I don’t believe it would mean extra Council staff employed or a reduction of staff from embracing digital technologies – what it would most likely mean is that existing staff could be deployed in other areas of Council business, further adding value to their operations.

The Tauranga Chamber of Commerce already plays a key role in the education of Tauranga business people.  The Chamber is right behind this initiative and would be very keen to lead and facilitate further discussion around the digital technology and assist to shape the strategy.

Well done to you both.

Ben Rickard, TaurangaTech
23 November 2014, 11:30 PM

This document posits an ambitious vision for Tauranga that, if realised would rank us amongst some of the most open and connected cities in the world.  I hope the Council has the vision, capability and motivation to engage in this conversation and start the journey.

Murray Clode on behalf of Peter McKinlay
27 November 2014, 9:56 PM

Murray and Jo are to be commended for the vision and the work which has gone into this. Agree with the implicit (sometimes explicit) suggestion that community organisations such as the chamber of Commerce should make implementing the Digital strategy for Tauranga a high priority.

Peter McKinlay
27 November 2014, 10:04 PM

My reading of what has worked internationally says that the quality of place is a very important factor - cities which succeed in the Digital economy are cities which have made themselves a great place to be - from lifestyle to the quality of the physical environment (absolutely not our CBD) music, hospitality, retail and a vibrant living environment. Should we consciously link the Digital strategy with a place making strategy especially for the CBD but for that matter the rest of Tauranga?

Margaret Holmes
27 November 2014, 10:08 PM
I spent twelve months on the Auckland Council digital strategy committee which unfortunately was a monthly talk fest that achieved little.  They had a community focus rather than a  business focus which was very frustrating. 
This would be an opportunity for the Chamber to pick up the business side – promoting the benefits of things like free wifi and opportunities for business to market through these channels.  Having recently returned from a trip to the UK and US I was surprised at how little this is happening there outside the main centres.    It is great to see Tauranga taking the initiative.
Janet Chambers - Business Analyst
04 December 2014, 11:46 AM

This looks like a great initiative, and being a Business Analyst I am all for digital and on-line capabilities.

This will need some very enthusiastic and resilient ambassadors as people often resent change, even if it is ultimately going to benefit them. 

I feel this also needs to be balanced with continued manual options for the 'gently aging' community in Tauranga who are not so computer savvy.

Andrew Hitchfield, Vodafone
11 December 2014, 2:08 PM

Well done Murray and Jo. Your strategy is consistent with what's happeing in both the local and global markets now. At Vodafone we're seeing exponential growth in M2M, and that will increase to a point where we see most machines being online in the future, the 'connectedness of things.' It's happening now, and the benefit of the strategy is to ensure that outcomes are clearly defined and worked towards. Good work, and happy to support any follow up initiatives.

Shot Mechanix
11 December 2014, 3:44 PM
Independently Kyle and I chose to move back 'home' and set up our business here in the Bay. We did so because of family reasons but we also considered Tauranga to be an attractive place to 'be'. 

The film/TV and Games production industries need the support only experienced professionals with an eye on the constant evolution of processes and software/hardware developments can provide. From what we have seen already, the desire for these factors is wide spread and local digital content providers are up for the challenge. Even though Shot Mechanics Ltd work in an environment where we can talk to people across the country and globe easily, to have the ability to connect with someone at hand, in the same town is a bonus that is priceless. 

Creativity, needs connections. Face to Face is where the 'nuts and bolts' of inspiration begins.

Many visual media professionals are moving to the BOP for one reason or another, the least of which, from my knowledge, has been the 'digital environment'.
People WANT to live here. Having an active digital support community and an up-to date network, as far as our industry is concerned anyway, is only going to draw in more talent.

With an effective digital focus and constant vigilance with rolling out the processes needed, the possibility of a world leading visual media production company, be it Film, TV or games generation being located in Tauranga, is not so far fetched. 
Warren Mahy and Kyle Ashley
10 October 2015, 7:12 PM