#openBadges MOOC: Open Badges, New Currency for Professional Credentials

Consists of 6 challenges, each rewarded by a Badge if passed.
Challenges are progressive and build on the previous.
Overall goal is to create a successful Badge system.

cur·ren·cy  (kûrn-s, kr-)

n. pl. cur·ren·cies
1. Money in any form when in actual use as a medium of exchange, especially circulating paper money.
2. Transmission from person to person as a medium of exchange; circulation: coins now in currency.
3. General acceptance or use; prevalence: the currency of a slang term.
4. The state of being current; up-to-dateness: Can you check the currency of this address?

My Backpack

Challenge 1: Define a Current Ecosystem

Challenge One: Response

Challenge 2: Define the Currency of an Ecosystem

Challenge 2: Response

My About Badges ScoopIt

Essential Getting Started Reads

Codery open digital badge consultancy "if résumés are a bunch of claims, badges are a bunch of evidence"
> one to study
Credly "life's achievements, recognised" > on to follow the development of



How to make OpenBadges work for you and your organisation? D. Belshaw
Why read it?
- Clear Criteria list
- a RoadMap to badge design
- an example
- stresses that the process is ITERATIVE

7 Things you should know about Badges Educause- Casilli/Knight
Why read it?

What, how, who but also very importantly Why (focus on learner and achievments)
Also looks at current hurdles: trust, value verification, accreditation > aim for broader adoption, with a quality assurance
Badges as talking point, eg: opening conversation with employer
Recognising the value of achievements that could be codified but are not currently.
Life wide/life long learning.
Augmentation of curriculum and portfolio
Enhanced visibility

Design Feedback for Badge System

Jess Klein

Why read it?
A design thinking way, with huge empathy for the END user, not the organisation issuing the badge! Wink


Badges Journal - Don't forget to read from bottom... RSS

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ePortfolio Australia Day 1

No mention of Badges apart of a conversation with Lyn (University of Auckland, Pharmacy graduates)

Came across BadgeForge, badge issuing platform, gaming and instructional design

I have so much to learn, it is not even funny!

OpenBadges, xAPI, tincan

While I am not sure I understand the technology required to make this happen this is one thread of conversation on this topic in the openbadges group that really resonates with me if I think Badge Issuing Platform

- Here is the thread 
It is one worth unpacking with so with tech noos

- Here is the collaborative doc of sound ideas to approach integration of xAPI and OpenBadgesInfrastructure.

Why it matters: validity, credentiality, reputation, peer to peer or institution.

OpenBadges: what is needed?

- Reliable, reputable, badge issuing platform, but also easy use, super graphic (for a range of issuers eg: education, but also professional, corporate etc) , OBI

- Badge to be judge on the value of the metadata it contains
- Where the badge is hosted and what other badges are hosted alongside matters for its value.

THUS a community consideration (WHO) (linked to credibility, reputation etc)

+ need to sell the NEED and the VALUE (WHY to become more generally accepted)

Thank you to William http://wiobyrne.com/ and the description of his badge journey.

A badge hosting platform must be:

respect privacy
have ownership of data strongly place on the owner of the badge.
great UI
serve the badging needs of its identified community* (know them well!)

Richard Wyles (Kineo) said he is interested in ensuring Mahara is a badge host (a backpack) Wonder where this is at (read this about July 2013)


Existing badge design platforms

and its app > issue badge and recipient can push it to their Mozilla OB backpack

But can't register to try it because I don't belong to a school organisation...

WordPress Badges PlugIn
(but seem to be no longer current? already?)

BadgeStack but is archived. Already??

Badge Image creation tool for Chicago Summer of Learning

Credly open source, pretty, in appstore. Plus badgeOs plugin for Wordpress, plus OBI compliant.

Question: what is it that they are not doing? What could be a compelling point of difference? 

Codery Open Digital Badge Consultancy Host own badge platform Achievery. They have a Drupal plugin. Their message is they high quality organisation on their book. Recuring credibility, accreditation theme. Involvement in maker fairs, etc. Looks good.

Question: what is it that they are not doing? What could be a compelling point of difference?

OpenBadges.me Open source so contributions welcome, HTLM5, lots of options to create badge (too many), no app, no plug in

NB: it says here that badges.mozilla.org was solely for Mozilla operations
so need for a reliable place to host OpenBadges initiatives...

GoogleDoc listing Platforms issuing Badges.




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