Hi, I am Pascale. I am a learning facilitator and I specialise in knowledge sharing and community building.
I work with individuals and professional groups who chose to explore the use of digital tools and spaces suitable for their context and their purpose, who want to develop transferable skills, experience new kinds of learning, and increase their collaborative capabilities.

I tailor learning design to support and scaffold academic, personal and/or professional growth. Individuals develop practical digital skills through building an ePortfolio. They enhance their ability to articulate their key attributes through gaining visibility of their learning process. They also build a showcase of their performance and accomplishments. During the process they grow their own networks with which they learn socially and informally.

As a result, individuals are confident technology users who leverage its benefits in better and smarter ways for their personal and professional lives.

I facilitate collaborative innovation, explicit knowledge sharing and embedding of informal learning in organisations. Organisations that integrate the social and informal learning of their teams, by encouraging individuals' sense of purpose, autonomy and willingness to participate, experience exceptional return on engagement.

As a result, organisations create a collaborative, inclusive, open and cost effective culture of connection and continuous learning.

I have extensive experience with Mahara, my ePortfolio and social learning platform of choice, as well as with a range of accessible and flexible online tools and social media.