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OpenBadges: what is needed?

- Reliable, reputable, badge issuing platform, but also easy use, super graphic (for a range of issuers eg: education, but also professional, corporate etc) , OBI

- Badge to be judge on the value of the metadata it contains
- Where the badge is hosted and what other badges are hosted alongside matters for its value.

THUS a community consideration (WHO) (linked to credibility, reputation etc)

+ need to sell the NEED and the VALUE (WHY to become more generally accepted)

Thank you to William and the description of his badge journey.

A badge hosting platform must be:

respect privacy
have ownership of data strongly place on the owner of the badge.
great UI
serve the badging needs of its identified community* (know them well!)

Richard Wyles (Kineo) said he is interested in ensuring Mahara is a badge host (a backpack) Wonder where this is at (read this about July 2013)