Essential Getting Started Reads

Codery open digital badge consultancy "if résumés are a bunch of claims, badges are a bunch of evidence"
> one to study
Credly "life's achievements, recognised" > on to follow the development of



How to make OpenBadges work for you and your organisation? D. Belshaw
Why read it?
- Clear Criteria list
- a RoadMap to badge design
- an example
- stresses that the process is ITERATIVE

7 Things you should know about Badges Educause- Casilli/Knight
Why read it?

What, how, who but also very importantly Why (focus on learner and achievments)
Also looks at current hurdles: trust, value verification, accreditation > aim for broader adoption, with a quality assurance
Badges as talking point, eg: opening conversation with employer
Recognising the value of achievements that could be codified but are not currently.
Life wide/life long learning.
Augmentation of curriculum and portfolio
Enhanced visibility

Design Feedback for Badge System

Jess Klein

Why read it?
A design thinking way, with huge empathy for the END user, not the organisation issuing the badge! Wink